• Hi, I'm Becky! This year I'm on my gap year working as an Au Pair in Paris. I'm looking after 5 kids, Ombeline who is 4, Augustin who is 8, Thomas who is 11, Baptiste who is 14 and Pierre who is 17. I thought I'd start a blog just to share my experiences and so everybody from home could keep an eye on what/how I am doing :)
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Shootings in Paris

As I’m sure most people have heard, yesterday, a man in Paris has fired two shots at a assistant photographer at the newspaper Liberation. The victim is in critical condition at a nearby hospital but it has been reported this morning that he is looking better than yesterday.  The suspect is still at large in … Continue reading

Arctic Monkeys!

Last Thursday (7/11) the Arctic Monkeys played in Paris at Le Zenith. Me and my friend tried to get tickets online but had no luck. While talking to some other Au Pair girls they gave us the idea to go to the venue on the night and try and buy tickets outside. At first I … Continue reading

Le Serpent

After a month spent with the kids, it wasn’t getting much easier and they were still being really naughty. Bath time was the most stressful time of the day with regular tears, fits, hitting, screaming and so on. So after the holidays I decided to try a behaviour chart. It’s a simple chart which is … Continue reading

So I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I should but from now I will try and do them as often as I can to keep everyone updated with my Au Pair life!

Notre Dame

cold with blue skies is my favourite kind of weather


Something I find really weird about France is that it completely shuts down on Sundays! All the supermarkets around Antony where I live are closed by 1pm. Somethings aren’t even open at all! I can understand this in a small village but it’s PARIS! The capital city! Crazy..

Shakespeare and Co.

Yesterday me and a friend went to Shakespeare and company, a famous English book shop in Paris. It is so so so so so beautiful I have fallen in love. All the workers are volunteers and English speakers. I have decided that while I am here this is my local book store (it basically is, … Continue reading


When I planned my gap year in Paris I didn’t really think about it being me moving away from home, it just felt like some sort of long holiday where I worked abit and got paid. So I was totally unprepared for when my mum and step-dad said it was time for them to leave … Continue reading